Reform the College? (read)

The Electoral College has always been one of the most controversial parts of the US constitution, this article, published in Accountancy Age, reviews options for reform

Yet another recount . . . (read)

[Humour] Al Gore makes a final appeal to the Supreme Court

Dynastic battles viewed from abroad (read)

Two American aristocrats fight for the crown - how does it seem in Britain?

Some reflections on the closest election ever (read)

From November 2000. I was on the West Coast I observe as the on-again off-again result in Florida unfolds

Why Microsoft, not PwC, is worth fighting for in US vote (read)

Article published in Accountancy Age the week before the Presidential elections

Campaign Diary (read)

A humorous look at the presidential campaigns

A tale of two governors (read)

By the summer of 1999 Texas Governor George W Bush was already front runner for the Republican nomination. He came under sharp criticism for his state's policy of executions. I contrast his policy with Bill Clinton's

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